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Global Delivery Model

Netpeach's Global Delivery Model (GDM) capabilities are delivered through our seamless on-site/off-shore model. This approach provides an integrated and highly flexible mix of on-site, off-site, near-shore, and offshore delivery options.

Global Delivery Model

Netpeach provides the perfect art of knowing global resources to bring to a project at the appropriate stage in the project lifecycle and manage this process of integration in such a way that it is transparent to the client. Netpeach uses modular programming which splits tasks into Sub-modules that are cohesive internally but need to interface as little as possible with other modules. This "Divide and Conquer" method is the magic sauce that drives Global Delivery Model as a successful model in Netpeach.

With Netpeach’s GDM, our clients get:
  • Proven experience.
  • Flexible global sourcing.
  • World-class project management.
  • Cost savings and better quality.
  • Solid local interface and clear accountability.

Right Sourcing Model

Netpeach’s Right Sourcing Model enables our client project teams to meet their commitments, deliver within budget constraints and improve the quality of systems.

Right Sourcing Model

COE Model

Understanding your business beyond your technical needs allows us to provide the best fit solutions. In addition, Netpeach Center of Excellence (COE) models bring together a set of essential functions to support the successful delivery of programs and projects.

Netpeach COE models are focused on achieving:

  • Better reuse capabilities across projects.
  • Improved Software Quality.
  • Shorter Implementation Cycles.
  • A Common Architecture.
  • Cost takeout through shared Infrastructure /Skill Sets.
  • Accurate Estimation.
  • Best of Breed Technology.
  • A well-defined Governance Model.
  • Project Risk Mitigation.

Nepeach COE's

Consequently, with our COE models, clients benefit a number of best practices in systems development to ensure ROI, quality, and timeliness.

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