Data Management & Analytics

Data Management Services at Netpeach will help organizations to address information challenges cost-effectively applying industry best practices and solution frameworks. Netpeach helps clients to improve efficiencies and execute new business strategies by developing centralized information technology services.

Microsoft Solutions

Netpeach's Microsoft practice has the knowledge and experience to deliver real value to your business with a comprehensive set of services and solutions spanning across Microsoft's product line to deliver effective business solutions in an enterprise.

At our Microsoft Services, we have strengthened our expertise across Microsoft platform with our dedicated Netpeach team, making significant R & D in Microsoft technologies through our Microsoft Centre of Excellence (COE), and delivering full lifecycle solutions and services from our consulting and outsourced application management services. We take pride in taking that expertise and experience to provide a range of proven consulting services and offerings designed to support you with implementing and optimizing business-critical applications in Microsoft technologies.

Web & Application Development

Web & Application development offerings by Netpeach Technology Centre allows our customers to focus on their core competencies while benefiting from world-class development services. We provide managed software development solutions to our clients who want a complete, reliable, and cost-effective path to application development.


Consulting Services

In today’s dynamic business environment, organizations are running faster than ever to better serve their customers. Their employees need the right information and tools at their fingertips to meet the business demands, make better business decisions, and execute cost effectively. We at Netpeach can help you find the right professionals either from our core practice areas, or find you the best professionals available in the market, and matching them up with your requirement.

Our Consulting services range from creating business critical applications to integrating hardware & software and managing all aspects of the IT solutions. Netpeach practice areas have expertise in subject areas like Enterprise Information Management, Big Data eco system, Traditional Data Warehousing, Analytics & Business Intelligence, Microsoft technology based solutions, and application programming. Our professionals, many of whom have global experience, work with client employees at all levels of their organization, designing, developing, testing, deploying and supporting software solutions, using the right enabling technologies to support new ways of doing business.

Consulting services at Netpeach, flow through a well-defined process that has matured over the years to recruit, train, nurture and retain the talent. Our professional staff driving success factors are:

  • Effective Recruitment Process.

    • Provide clear clarity of the job profile.

    • Choose the right people for right job.

    • Goes through various selection processes.

  • Well defined on-boarding and day-to-day administration processes.

  • Setting expectation and evaluation process.

  • Emphasis on Continuous Education.

  • Recognition & reinforcement.

  • Periodic Performance Appraisal.

Office 365 Cloud Services

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based MS Office product suite, that comes with the flexibility to choose between the cloud and/or desktop option. Office 365 is designed to help meet your organization's needs for robust security, reliability, and user productivity. You can work with anyone, anywhere on any device and get more for your investment.

Netpeach is a Microsoft Cloud Solutions partner, and has experience and expertise in Office 365 and SharePoint online. We accumulated our years of experience by working with Microsoft platforms such as SharePoint, .NET, and Microsoft BI repeatedly over the years, and that allowing now us deliver state of the art Office 365 Cloud solutions to our customers.

Our key services offerings include:

  • Help you select the right Office 365 product for the need.

  • Help to migrate current environment to Office 365 cloud.

  • Help and educate your team on SharePoint online.

  • Customize and develop business specific workflows.

  • SharePoint branding.

About Us

NETPEACH is a global technology services company focused on providing Enterprise Information Management, Analytics and Microsoft solutions especially aimed for both medium and large sized enterprises. At Netpeach, we provide solutions using cutting edge technologies with high reliability and performance.

At Netpeach, we specialize in bringing efficiency and control to your day-to-day operations using proven software and information management strategies.